An alternative to the usual London conferences, Creative North is a yearly event that recognises and celebrates the collaborative nature of our industry. 

Creative North is for folks with their heads up, not their eyes down. We’re here to celebrate and leverage the opportunities, strength and added value that come from understanding the people you work with. 

Hosted in Manchester, but we’ll try and keep the Our Kid references to a minimum.

More on our 2019 event

Is this a copywriting thing?

Creative North is run by copywriters. But what you won’t get at our events are copywriters talking to copywriters about copywriting.

The whole point of Creative North is to lift our collective nose from the page and take a look at the bigger picture. What are designers doing differently? How can we work more effectively with agencies? What’s happening in the B2B marketing industry? How will emerging technologies change our clients’ requirements?

So yes, Creative North events are great for copywriters. But they’re not just A Copywriting Thing.

Our 2019 speakers

Who’s behind Creative North?

Creative North was founded in 2018 by copywriters Ben Hampson, Andrew Nattan and Martin Williams of Hampson Nattan Williams.

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