Nick Parker
— Founder of That Explains Things, creator of VOICEBOX

Topic: The Future of Content is Tone

“Tone of voice doesn’t make people look at you funny and go ‘WTF?’ - or at least it doesn’t any more. Every agency says they do it, every client says they want it. But in the future, we’ll need to get it right.”

Nick started out drawing cartoons, designing magazines and, um, repairing doors.

After several years as deputy editor of The Oldie magazine, he stumbled into agency life via language consultancy The Writer.

He now runs That Explains Things, helping brands ‘find their voice, tell their stories, and explain their things’.

He recently created Voicebox, the do-it-yourself box of tricks that’s changing how brands think and ‘do’ tone of voice.

He lives on the outskirts of town.