Sarah Charlton
— Head of Strategy and Content at SupaReal

Topic: Sarah will be one of Creative North's rapid-fire speakers, delivering laser-focused insight in a short, sharp seven minute presentation

As Head of Strategy & Content at SupaReal – a specialist B2B agency - Sarah has the amazing job of helping lovely clients to strengthen customer relationships and build their business using this magical stuff we call content. 

She started work in the late nineties (you work it out), and honed her skills over the years working on a huge range of corporate, consumer and public sector projects.  Along the way, she developed a passion for how digital content can support equality and social mobility, and basically make the world a better place.

One of the first projects Sarah ever worked on was for Amnesty International, setting up a strategy to quickly distribute alerts when someone 'disappeared' and was at risk of torture. The programme had a big impact globally: it crashed Chinese government servers, and many of the missing people were released unharmed. Who would have thought it, the right information, to the right people, at the right time...this marketing shit actually worked. What power, what influence simple words could yield!

Fast forward a few years, dye the grey, ignore the muffin top...and content marketing today is at a tipping point. We are drowning in 'content' but lack 'information'. Authenticity, origin, and ethics are increasingly important. 

Sarah’s going to have a chat about what the future and the editorial process might look like if writers want to be good eggs. And all that in just 20 slides.