This page details the terms and the conditions you agree to by browsing this site and purchasing a ticket to Creative North. 

You can read our comprehensive terms and conditions further down the page, but they’re all standard terms of use – just what you’d expect. 

Tickets and Payments 

We can only accept payments for tickets to Creative North through our partner, Eventbrite. Check out their full terms and conditions for details on sales and purchases. 

If you want to come and experience Creative North, you’ve got to buy a ticket in advance. When you’ve bought a ticket and the funds have cleared, you’ll get confirmation of your ticket to the event. 

Tickets include full, day-long access to the Creative North event, and a buffet lunch. They don’t include any transportation, accommodation or other expenses. 

All ticket sales are final. Unfortunately we’re unable to cancel or refund any bookings, but we may be able to transfer your ticket to a colleague or friend. Just get in touch to discuss this. We’ll consider exceptional circumstances on a case by case basis. 

The Event 

Whilst we’re do everything in our power to ensure the conference goes ahead as planned on the programme, sometimes circumstances are beyond our control. 

We reserve the right to alter or amend the programme of events – including timings, speaking availability and location – should it be necessary. Of course, there’s no current reason why our speakers won’t be there as arranged. 

We can’t control what our speakers say. Free speech and all that. We’re not responsibly for their views or opinions. 

But we do encourage everyone – speakers, guests, organisers and attendees – to all be considerate, respectful and tolerant. Creative North is an inclusive event. Be kind and understanding – it’s common sense. 

If you do become disrespectful, you will be warned. We won’t tolerate any kind of harassment and reserve the right to ask you to leave the event, without refund, if this happens.